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My Online Services (in person may also be available upon request)


Individual therapy with Skye meets you where you feel comfortable. Skye connects with clients on many levels. If you prefer therapy that aligns with a data and neuroscience lens & want strategies for obtaining your goals, Skye's extensive education and experience in developmental psychology, school psychology, gerontology and therapy will support you.

Additionally, if you resonate with the language of energy, or chi, Skye also supports clients with healing that incorporates mindfulness and energy practices for you to create your own healing path. Skye’s approach includes a relational awareness of the overlap of the mind, body, and inner spirit.


At Nondual Healing Therapy, the relationships in the family are "the client" to support relationship health.  Skye's family 

therapy client caseload has limited evening and weekend availability.

Kindly inquire for waitlist timing and current availability. 

Skye's lens is that mental, social and emotional health are correlated with our mind, bodies, spirit. 


Couples therapy allows clients to create more connection and reduce conflict. Skye works supports couples who desire to create more enriching relationships with an increased sense of harmony & connection.


Skye also supports couples interested in developing a positive co-parenting relationship. 

workshop series

Group workshops share information to reduce anxiety and awaken your inner wisdom. Courses include both online group workshops and in-person group workshops in Bloomington & Savage Minnesota.

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