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  Nondual Healing           Therapy              Welcomes You.

Develop Balance and Awaken the Peace within you and with your Loved Ones. 

Where the Intersection of Neuroscience, Data, Mindfulness and Energy Come Together 


Nondual Healing 

Skye's approach with Nondual Healing Therapy allows space for clients to go beyond reducing anxiety or depression to connect more fully with themselves and with one another.

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Skye's work includes individual therapy is for people 14 through 104 and is available online.


Nondual Healing Therapy can support you in meeting your personal goals.


.  Discover pathways for developing more healthy experiences with your partner and with your parent-adolescent relationships 


Skye supports couples who desire relationships with more harmony, warmth & connection.


Skye also supports couples interested in developing a respectful and positive co-parenting relationship. 

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